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Tana Tree Top Lodge - Tanna

Tana Tree Top Lodge 
Lowanego Area, Po Box 200,


, Vanuatu - 18.3 km from Lenakel - map


    Rooms: 2    Floors: 1    



Shuttle Service (surcharge)

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Facilities of Tana Tree Top Lodge


FREE! Private parking is possible on site.


Pets are not allowed.


Internet not available.


  • Restaurant


  • Shuttle Service (surcharge)

Policies of Tana Tree Top Lodge


After 14:00


Before 12:00

Cancellation & Prepayment

Cancellation and prepayment policies are per room. Please check the room description and policies.


Prices are per room and include all taxes and charges, unless otherwise specified. The price may not include the city tax.

Surcharges, extra guest charges, and supplements may be charged by the hotel upon check-in or check-out. Amounts displayed have been converted from the local currency and may vary in accordance with currency fluctuations at the time your credit card is being charged by the hotel.
Accepted payments Cash
Special requests Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in and additional charges may apply. Special requests cannot be guaranteed by the hotel.
Additional information Meals
Lunch: 750Vt/meal
Dinner: 1000Vt/meal

Return Airport Transfer
Single Traveler: 10,000Vt
Couple and groups: 2500Vt/each person

Volcano: 3350Vt/person
Hot spring: 2000Vt/person (incl. transport)
Shark Bay: 2000Vt/person (incl. transport)
White Beach (Surf): 2000Vt/person (incl. transport)
Water fall: 2500Vt/person (incl. transport)
Ash boarding: 1500Vt/person (incl. transport)
Custom Village: 1500Vt/person (incl. transport)
Yakel Village : 10000Vt (transport; entrance fee is excluded)
Important information Please arrange with the property for the airport transfer (charges apply).
* All information has been provided by Tana Tree Top Lodge and not by Guestus.

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Guests Reviews

Tana Tree Top Lodge: 4.1 / 5 (8 guests reviews)
Mylesotm, Australia
2 reviews
“Great Place to Stay on Tanna”

Stayed in May, 2012
Reviewed on July 15, 2013
344 out of 709 people found this review helpful
Fred and the family from Tree Top Lodge were very welcoming and were always happy to show us around and help with making our stay on Tanna as great as possible

Dumbea, Noua Caledonie
1 review
“Nice Place”

Stayed in February, 2014
Reviewed on March 7, 2014
338 out of 670 people found this review helpful
To talk of The Tree Top, I'd say the bungalows were much more comfortable than the reviews I could read on the net. It's a shame that tourists can't find any packages and all activities should be on special enquiry, which can make one's stay reach some amount of money. I truly have no idea if what...
show more

Voorburg, Olanda
1 review
“Basic, but Great Accommodation”

Stayed in October, 2013
Reviewed on September 28, 2014
278 out of 551 people found this review helpful
Despite other reviews, I found the accommodation at Tana Tree Top to be better that what I\'ve imagine!
Fred and his family are great hosts, very friendly.

Travel tip: Do not miss Yasur Volcano - go as many times as you can.

Wellington, Noua Zeelandă
1 review
“Fred Was Great - Rats Were Not!”

Stayed in May, 2012
Reviewed on June 11, 2013
365 out of 698 people found this review helpful
Fred and his team were great hosts and ensured we saw all the things on the island we wanted to.Food was basic but ok as were the treehouses themselves. A bit disconcerting was the invasion of rats at night but that's part of the territory up a tree! Shower wasn't working which left only option to...
show more

Mosman, Australia
1 review
“Nice Place to Stay”

Stayed in July, 2013
Reviewed on August 6, 2013
337 out of 656 people found this review helpful
The place is ideally located, walking distance from the volcano.
Be ready for a bit of "adventure" though as the volcano being nearby there may be hashes all over your bed when you arrive, the shower may well be a big bin but the toilets are good.
Also, as noted by other people the logistic...
show more

Sydney, Australia
1 review
“Incredible in A Good Way”

Stayed in December, 2012
Reviewed on September 28, 2014
267 out of 534 people found this review helpful
Amazing place, unique accommodation style and lots of adventure.
The bungalow in which we stayed was basic, but comfortable. Took two trips to the volcano and enjoyed the views & nature.
Tana is worth going!

Travel tip: Bring a flashlight with you:)

Brisbane, Australia
1 review
“Wonderful Very Different Stay”

Stayed in November, 2017
Reviewed on November 10, 2017
83 out of 145 people found this review helpful
Lovely stay and Fred was very helpful and Nancy cooked us some wonderful meals. Fred picked us up from the airport on time in a very comfortable car and stopped for us to get drinking water. The tree house was very different. It was clean and comfortable. Great view of the volcano and easy walk to...
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Kessel, Olanda
1 review
“Beautiful Location but Owner Tries to Rip You Off”

Stayed in May, 2017
Reviewed on August 28, 2017
125 out of 244 people found this review helpful
The place itself is basic but clean and very good. The owner is trying to take advantage of you since he knows there's nothing around you that you can use otherwise. We booked the treehouse for 2 nights, but he intended to let us stay there only 1 night. But we had to pay the same price for the...
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