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Hotel Maksimir - Zagreb

3-stars Hotel Maksimir 
Maksimirska 57/1,


, Croatia - 2 km from city center - map
Hotel Maksimir enjoys a perfect location in the very heart of Croatian capital city Zagreb. It offers a variety of entertainments and sites worth visiting to make our guest’s stay fun and pleasurable.

Parking is available; rooms are air-conditioned, breakfast of choice, Wi-Fi and all this at very affordable prices.

Nearby attractions
- Maksimir Stadium
- Zagreb Cathedral
- Ban Jelacic Square


    Rooms: 12    Floors: 3    

Free Wi-Fi



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Facilities of Hotel Maksimir


FREE! Wi-Fi Internet is available in the rooms and is free of charge.


FREE! Public parking at a nearby location, no charges.


FREE! Pets allowed on request and is subject to hotel confirmation.


  • 24-Hour Front Desk
  • Air conditioning
  • • Bar/lounge
  • • Designated Smoking Area
  • • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Restaurant
  • • Safety Deposit Box


  • Car Rental
  • • Currency Exchange
  • • Ironing Service
  • • Ticket Service

Policies of Hotel Maksimir


After 14:00


Before 12:00

Cancellation & Prepayment

Cancellation and prepayment policies are per room. Please check the room description and policies.


Prices are per room and include all taxes and charges, unless otherwise specified. The price may not include the city tax.

Surcharges, extra guest charges, and supplements may be charged by the hotel upon check-in or check-out. Amounts displayed have been converted from the local currency and may vary in accordance with currency fluctuations at the time your credit card is being charged by the hotel.
Accepted payments Cash, MasterCard/Maestro, Visa/Visa Electron
Special requests Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in and additional charges may apply. Special requests cannot be guaranteed by the hotel.
* All information has been provided by Hotel Maksimir and not by Guestus.

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Only for rooms marked as "Prepaid/Non Refundable" your card will be debited immediately by the hotel.

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